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Case Studies

Case Study: Global Employment Law

Case 1

An international tech client relied on Emily’s employment law guidance when it expanded operations in the Middle East. Her expert advice included how to hire and employ workers in that country, what holidays and benefits the employees were eligible for, and which local employment laws applied to the client. Emily’s guidance allowed the client to successfully launch its sales operations and quickly grow in the new market.

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Case Studies: Workplace/Compliance Investigations

Case 1

In a highly sensitive workplace investigation for a multinational corporation, Emily reviewed more than 10 employees’ concerns about wrongful termination, discrimination, embezzlement and fraud by corporate executives. Emily conducted a neutral and independent investigation by interviewing numerous witnesses and analyzing voluminous records. Emily’s investigative work was also relied on by law enforcement agencies in their prosecution efforts post-investigation.

Case 2

On behalf of a tech startup, Emily investigated an employee’s whistleblower claim that involved potentially significant media exposure and damage to the startup’s reputation. After Emily’s thorough and confidential investigation, the company successfully took action to avoid further risk.

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These sample cases do not create any guarantee of an outcome in any particular matter. The facts and circumstances of every case are different and the outcome of any matter depends on a variety of different factors.